Gold Floral Nursing Dress

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This nursing dress is our best selling classic!

It is a classic nursing style with a comfortable and discreet opening for breastfeeding. 

Lift the built-in tank for access to the breast. Ideal for modest breastfeeding while in public.

This dress is flattering on all figures and is especially suitable for after birth, while you're still getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape. 

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This nursing dress is our best selling classic!

It is a classic nursing style with a comfortable and discreet opening for breastfeeding. 

Lift the built-in tank for access to the breast. Ideal for modest breastfeeding while in public.

This dress is flattering on all figures and is especially suitable for after birth, while you're still getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape. 

You can start wearing this dress while you are still pregnant and the stretchy fabric will not over-stretch, so that you can wear it after you give birth as a nursing dress.

You'll love this dress so much that you'll wear it long after you've weaned your baby.

This dress also comes in other colors.

It also comes in different colors in a short sleeve version and a long sleeve version with lower neckline


Sizes:  M (10), L (12) and XL (14)

Fabric: Viscose/Lycra

Machine Wash.

Made in Israel.
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